Put on your Website or blog
Create a new Confaber discussion topic for your website or just choose an existing topic and all you need is to just put 2 lines of code inside your HTML's <head> tag and you will get a Confaber chat widget just as the one you see on bottom right corner of this page.

Confaber is the world's most awesome chat widget for websites and blog.

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What is Confaber?
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Confaber chat widget: Why put on your Webpage?

Discussions and Interactions
Confaber allows users to interact with people present on tens of other websites. It connects like-minded people interested in a topic ( an event, a person, hobby etc) from across the Internet in real-time. Confaber provides a Real-time discussion widget where users are drawn to participate in discussions and makes websites and blogs more dynamic and promotes user involvement. It encourages passive visitors to become active contributors.
Real-time user feedback and support
Confaber can be put to varied uses. It can be used as a real-time customer support live chat tool. It can be put on a feedback or support page of a website and the site admin can interactively solve user problems or queries. It can enhance the support experience of users and in the process the website's effectiveness. See how we use this here on Confaber.
Collaboration and Communication
Confaber can be used as a collaboration tool to promote rapid development of ideas or projects. It can be used for public or private collaborations alike. Public users can contribute to an idea or a debate in real-time making it more meaningfull. Confaber chat widget is not limited to websites, it can also be put on a private or restricted URLs(as well as on a LAN).
How it works? 🎓
The HTML code you put on your website connects to Confaber's world wide servers and provides a seamless communication to all your website visitors. We also keep archive of all the discussions that ever happened on your page and allow your visitors to browse them anytime. You can remove or add Confaber chat box whenever you wish (you can get back all your old discussion archives). You just need to remove the above HTML lines form your Webpage.
Get Confaber
To get Confaber chat box, no sign-up or registration is required. You can just put two lines of HTML on your webpage and that is all it takes. It seamlessly integrates with your website or blog and provides an consistent interface to all users.

Features: 📖
  • » Plug and play. Two steps to put on your webpage.
  • » Social login using Facebook, Google or Yahoo account.
  • » Full support for multi-media like youtube video and pictures.
  • » Full online archive of chat discussions.
  • » Confaber provides full admin control to website owners.
Introducing: Paint a Picture!
Paint a picture
With Confaber, now you can draw a picture and convey your message, all right from your browser. As they say, a picture says a thousands words, so let your paintings do the talking.